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4 Real Amateurs Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-06
Quick site rank and complete review of 4 Real Amateurs | Categories: Amateur, Groupsex, Interracial

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standard rank
Our Rating: 73/100

Quality of Content: 15/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 2/5

Originality: 5/10

Navigation: 1/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

4RealAmateurs.com promises the best possible content, more updates than most amateur sites, videos, photos, access to 11 bonus sites.

My Opinion About 4RealAmateurs

4 Real Amateurs is actually a site started by a real-life husband-and-wife team. They've been shooting amateur content since 1999, and now have their own website of sexy nubile chicks in hot action.

When a site tells me they've been shooting for eight years, I happen to expect eight years of content, and 4RealAmateurs does not disappoint. When I step into the members' area I find a list of 1,323 movies, 1,797 sets of photos and 216 cam-capture photo sets. Let's just say that there are few amateur sites that can boast such numbers.

Now, the members' area itself is a little shabby looking. More organization would probably be a good thing, since there's such an overwhelming amount of content. There is a calendar schedule, though, and you'll discover that there are daily updates, which is certainly not something to complain about. Also, there are some bonus sites included with your membership, and there's also a forum that appears to have quite a bit of traffic. While there's no arguing that the site has enough content, the question remains as to whether the content is actually hot.

Navigating is a pain in the ass. Other than the calendar list and the top 100 photo and video sets, I couldn't search the site by sets-only, or even by keywords or categories. The calendar lists all sorts of action, like gang bangs, tit jobs, black cock and even cam shows, but browsing was still daunting and probably amongst the worse I've experienced.

Photos appear to come in sets of between 35 and 50. Sets come with a brief description and a list of both the male and female models, and you can link to the names to find all of their sets. As there aren't any zip files, you'd have to download select photos one at a time, or so I thought. I soon realize that I can't download even one damn photo, which is ridiculous because frankly they weren't that fantastic. However, I can save the pictures in my own personal online favourite's folder. Whoop-dee-do. Pictures aren't any larger than 600x800, and I think that I am over-estimating. They aren't crystal-clear and the lighting can be poor at times. However, at least they deliver some good angles of the hardcore.

Movies are anything between 4 and 17 minutes long. Sometimes they are downloadable in full, and other times it seems like they are parts. I opened a film with two white chicks and a black dude. The 1200Kbps 550x414 .wmv and 1000Kbps .rm films can be downloaded, so it was weird to me that the photos couldn't be. In any case, this was a three-minute film. The camera was often shaky, which was completely irritating, and in this film the chicks take turns giving the guy a blowjob, which is hot, but there's no cum shot, which is just silly.

If you happen to come upon www.4realswingers.com, it's only a carbon-copy of this site.

Final Verdict

While 4RealAmateurs.net may have an incredible abundance of movies and photos, the site is terribly disorganized and hard to navigate. There are some cool extras, but in the end I was left squinting my eyes and wondering what the fuck. Movies were barely watchable, because of the unsteady worse-than-amateur videography, and the lack of cumshots just made me feel ripped off.

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User Comments

2008 Feb 03, 16:40, Colorado
Are you retarded Tokus? What are you even talking about? Do you have a number on how many memers they have? take a look at their forum, it's a little over 7,000, do some math on that kind of income. They are smart enough to realize that offering zip files is just stupid.

2007 Oct 20, 14:56, Kansas
The site has great models and video, but the owners are paranoid about people stealing their content. Their paranoia is unbelievable. That is the reason they don't offer zip files. The site is so large, that downloading pictures one at a time is futile. It would take forever. I have never seen a site this large act in this manner. Their membership would probably double if they tweaked a few features and make it easier to download using zip files.

2007 Sep 20, 06:12, Colorado
and what are you talking about that you can't download photos? Ever heard of using your right click on your mouse and selecting save as? You can also save them to your favorites in their system as well... Was this reviewer on crack?

2007 Sep 20, 06:09, Colorado
Bad navigation?

From the top menu, you can click on Sites, Forum, Extras, My Favorites and Support.

To get to the individual Girls' sites that are part of the network, you need to click on the sites tab.

I think maybe you didn't click on the "Sites" menu option, from there you go to a page that list out each of the girls' sites that are part of the network. From there you can search by keyword, model, when the content was shot, it displays related content, so you can easily jump from one set to another.

The main page you were looking at in only a latest updates page... it looks like this review was done in a few seconds... a shame...